Sounds of Silence

Sounds of Silence

Sometimes we need to be still and quiet to regain our sense of direction. We have to sit in silence and listen. Silence can calm us and help us recharge ourselves. Everyday most of us are surrounding by sounds and noise that cause an underlying level of tension within our bodies. For the next week try to surround yourself with silence for at least one hour everyday, relax your muscles, release the tension from your body and ask the universe how you can make your life less stressful and then listen closely for any answers that come to you. In a relaxed quiet state, you may be surprised what the silence can tell us. During this time also observe how you feel during your hour of silence and then at the end of the week see how you feel and if it has made a difference in your stress levels and your thinking. Is your mind calmer and do you think more clearly? Did you receive any answers to your question?

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