Changing Your Perspective

Changing Your Perspective

Most often changing your perspective, or the way you see the world, can be as simple as changing your perspective. It has been said “that life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”  Having adventures and being adventurous, requires us to be open to exploring new perspectives and different points of view. Change your perspective, your point of view, and you might change the way you see the world, it could be that simple. Given the choice between looking at things from the same perspective and having the same point of view everyday or being open to and seeing new perspectives and expanding your viewpoint; which would you choose?

“If you change the way you look at things,                                                                                         the things you look at change.” ~Dr. Wayne Dyer

Just for today make some simple change of perspectives in your life, maybe take a different route to work, go to a restaurant or coffee shop you have never been to, read a book you would not normally think of reading, if you do not normally read books then read one, start an exercise program, eat a food you never tried…you get the idea. See whether changing some or several aspects of your life makes a difference to how you feel on that day or during the week. Once you get used to simple changes in your life and get into the habit of doing this, then embark on bigger changes such as taking up biking, go on a mountain hike, vacation in a new location, buy a new camera, make new friends and any other activity that would not be the norm for you.

Change your perspective and begin a new adventure.

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